Special Anesthesia Apparatus

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Special Anesthesia Apparatus

Medical Solutions presents anesthesia equipment with 3 gases, 3 flowmeters, 2 vaporizers and VENTI 7.

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Special Anesthesia Apparatus


  • Two Vaporizers to choose from ( ENFLURANE /
  • Patient safety system.
  • Anti-Hypoxia System.
  • N2O shut-off valve with alarm
  • O2 lack alarm
  • Regulating and overpressure releasing valve for each gas designed in accordance with DISS, TISS, CCS, PISS, NIST protocols
  • Anti-poxia system: 25% o2
  • Flush oxygen 30-70LPM or more
  • 3 gases NO2, O2, Air
  • 3 Flowmeters
  • Pressure gauges at the front of the equipment
  • Rolling cart with brake
  • 3 drawers
  • Work table in front of the equipment


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