Mechanical Scale Weighs People Tall Type

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Mechanical Scale Weighs People Tall Type

The BAME BM-425 High Type Mechanical People Scale is ideal for health professionals. Delivers accurate weight and height measurements, with a durable, ergonomic design

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Mechanical Scale Weighs People Tall Type

The BAME BM-425 High Type Mechanical People Scale is a robust and precise measuring instrument, designed for professional use in clinics, hospitals and health centers. It combines a mechanical scale with a stadiometer, providing a comprehensive tool for monitoring patient weight and height.

Product characteristics:

  • Steel Base: Manufactured from No. 16 gauge steel sheet and a removable cover to protect the weighing mechanism.
  • Dual Function Design: Includes a section for measuring weight and another for height.
  • Telescopic stadiometer: It allows you to measure heights up to 192 cm with an easy and adjustable fixation system.
  • Advanced Weighing Mechanism: Designed to maintain calibration even with frequent movements.
  • Durable Finish: Baked micro-sprayed epoxy paint, resistant to impact and scratches.
  • High Quality Balance Regulator: Constructed of cast iron for greater precision and durability.

Technical specifications:

  • Overall dimensions: 44 x 53 x 148 cm.
  • Weight Capacity: Range from 0 to 160 Kg with divisions of 100 grams.
  • Mat Material: 1 mm thick textile-based vinyl, brown color.
  • Strip Bar: Made of 6.3 mm thick Zamak.

Ideal for clinics, hospitals and medical centers to measure patients' weight and height accurately and reliably.


  • Accuracy and Reliability: Ensures accurate and constant measurements.
  • Durability: High quality materials for long time use.
  • Easy to use: Ergonomic design and simple mechanisms for efficient handling.

Country of origin: Mexico


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