Rechargeable Battery For Blue Pocket Handles

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Rechargeable Battery For Blue Pocket Handles

The Welch Allyn Blue Pocket Rechargeable Mango Battery offers 2.5V of reliable power, designed specifically for the PocketSc Throat Illuminator Otoscope. An essential tool for an accurate diagnosis.

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Rechargeable Battery For Blue Pocket Handles

  • High Capacity Voltage: The battery has a voltage of 2.5 V, ensuring adequate power for a variety of medical applications.
  • Specific Compatibility: Designed especially for the Welch Allyn PocketSc Throat Illuminating Otoscope, it ensures a perfect connection and optimal performance.
  • Long duration: Unlike conventional batteries, this rechargeable battery promises long life, meaning fewer interruptions for recharging and sustained use for long periods.


  • Voltage: 2.5 V
  • Type: Rechargeable Battery
  • Compatibility: Exclusive for PocketSc Throat Illuminator Otoscope


Ideal for medical professionals, specialists and students who use the PocketSc Throat Illuminating Otoscope in their daily practices. Its ease of use and recharging guarantees continuous operation, being essential for those who require reliable tools in medical environments.


  • Energy efficiency: Provides constant and reliable power during all phases of use.
  • Economy: Being rechargeable, it represents significant long-term savings compared to disposable batteries.
  • Respect for the environment: By reducing the need for disposable batteries, you contribute to less waste generation.

Country of origin: USA


Designed to fit perfectly into Pocket handles, it ensures trouble-free insertion and removal.


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