2 Channel Infusion Pump with Color LCD Screen

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2 Channel Infusion Pump with Color LCD Screen

The Nucare NK-2B 60-Channel Infusion Pump with color LCD screen is an essential tool in medical treatments, providing precise control and versatility in the administration of infusions in hospitals and clinics.

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2 Channel Infusion Pump with Color LCD Screen

The Nucare NK-2B 60-Channel Infusion Pump, manufactured in China, is an advanced solution for the precise administration of fluids and medications in medical settings. This infusion pump, with its color LCD display and microcomputer control, offers exceptional functionality to handle various transfusion needs.

Product characteristics

  • Color LCD Screen and Microcomputer Control: Ensures clear visualization and precise control of the infusion.
  • Efficient Peristaltic Pump: With multiple sensors for exact control and a variety of alarm functions.
  • Versatility of Use: Suitable for single or simultaneous infusion in two liquids or patients.
  • Advanced Alarm Features: Includes occlusion, bubble, door open, infusion completed, and low voltage alarms.


  • SKU: NK-60B
  • Brand: Nucare
  • Infusion Rate: 0.1 ml/h to 1200 ml/h
  • Infusion Precision Error: ±5%


Ideal for hospitals and clinics that require precise and flexible administration of infusions in various medical treatments.


  • Precise Infusion Administration: Allows exact control of infusion volume and speed.
  • Flexibility: Able to handle different types of infusion liquids.
  • Security and Reliability: Equipped with multiple alarm systems to prevent errors.

Country of Origin: China


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