Electric Bed 3 Motors CAM302D4MS

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Electric Bed 3 Motors CAM302D4MS

The Medical Store CAM3D302MS 4 Motor Electric Bed offers comfort and functionality with its enamelled steel structure, 3 motors and adjustment options, being an essential bed for optimal care.

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Electric Bed 3 Motors CAM302D4MS

The CAM302D4MS Electric Bed from Medical Store is an advanced and versatile solution to guarantee comfort and well-being to those who need special health care. Its white enamelled steel structure and motorized adjustment features make this bed an essential option for optimal care.

Product characteristics:

  • White enamelled steel structure, guaranteeing durability and resistance.
  • Perforated drum with 4 sections for easy adaptability and comfort.
  • 4 contoured high-density polyethylene (HDPE) handrails, independently foldable for greater accessibility.
  • Plastic head and footboard contoured in high-density polyethylene (HDPE), removable for easy maintenance.
  • 3 motors for movement at head, foot and height, allowing precise adjustments.
  • Adjustable height in a range of min. 46 cm to max. 76 cm to suit individual needs.
  • Includes remote control and IV pole with 2 hooks, removable for greater convenience.
  • 4 swivel wheels with brakes to ensure mobility and safety.
  • Capacity to support up to 170 kg of weight.


  • Content: one piece.
  • Product weight: 100.5kg.
  • Weight with box: 112 kg.

Use: Ideal for people who need special health care and seek comfort and motorized adjustment.


  • Motorized adjustments to adapt to the needs of each user.
  • Removable handrails and footboards to facilitate mobility and maintenance.
  • Remote control and IV pole for greater convenience and accessibility.

Country of origin: USA


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