Electric Bed with Adjustable Rail 2 Positions

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Electric Bed with Adjustable Rail 2 Positions

The Medco MC-05P Electric Bed with adjustable side rail and 2 positions provides a comfortable and safe solution for patient care in hospitals, combining advanced technology and ergonomic design.

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Electric Bed with Adjustable Rail 2 Positions

Medco's MC-05P Electric Bed, designed in China, is a modern and efficient solution for patient care in hospital environments. With its cold-rolled steel plate and fully molded surface, this bed offers a combination of durability, functionality and comfort.

Product characteristics

  • High Quality Construction: Cold-rolled steel plate with molded surface and integrated frame treated with electrostatic spraying.
  • Adjustable Aluminum Handrails: They facilitate safety and access to the patient.
  • Efficient Motorization: Equipped with 2 electric motors and a control box for easy adjustments.
  • Maximum Load Capacity: Supports up to 280 Kg, ensuring robustness and stability.


  • SKU: MC-05P
  • Brand: Medco
  • Dimensions: L2130 × W980 × H500mm
  • Adjustable Angles: Back section 0-80°, leg section 0-40°


Ideal for hospitals and care centers, providing an adjustable and comfortable bed for patients with various medical needs.


  • Adjustability and Comfort: It offers multiple positions for patient comfort.
  • Durability and Easy Maintenance: Resistant and easy to clean materials.
  • Safety and Convenience: Protective railings and wheels with brakes for greater safety and mobility.


  • Length: 2130 mm
  • Width: mm 980
  • Height: 500 mm

Country of Origin: China


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