Hydraulic Stretcher with Aluminum Handrail

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Hydraulic Stretcher with Aluminum Handrail

The Medco MC-H802 Hydraulic Stretcher, with aluminum railing, offers an advanced solution for the care and transfer of patients in hospitals, standing out for its hydraulic height adjustment and durable design.

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Hydraulic Stretcher with Aluminum Handrail

The Medco MC-H802 Hydraulic Stretcher, from China, is an essential tool in medical care, combining functionality and advanced design. This stretcher has a hydraulic system to adjust the height and an aluminum handrail, facilitating handling and comfort for both the patient and the medical staff.

Product characteristics

  • Hydraulic Adjustment: Adjustable height between 460-800 mm using an imported hydraulic pump.
  • Durable Construction: Surface painted with epoxy and suitable for X-rays.
  • Aluminum Railing: Aluminum alloy hand bar with six stainless steel side bars.
  • Functional Design: Manually adjustable backrest and bumpers on all four ends for protection.


  • SKU: MC-H802
  • Brand: Medco
  • Dimensions: 2100 × 690 × 460/800mm
  • Maximum Load: [Specify if available]


Ideal for hospitals and clinics, providing an efficient solution for the transfer and care of patients.


  • Versatility and Comfort: Facilitates adaptation to different healthcare needs.
  • Safety and Easy Handling: Handrails and hydraulic system for safe and easy handling.
  • Durability and Easy Maintenance: Resistant and easy-to-clean materials.


  • Length: 2100 mm
  • Width: mm 690
  • Adjustable Height: 460-800mm

Country of Origin: China


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