Red ABS Truck

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Red ABS Truck

The Red ABS Cart from Inmed is the perfect combination of design, mobility and functionality. Made from high-quality materials and packed with useful features, it is essential for medical environments.

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Red ABS Truck

Inmed's ABS Red Cart redefines mobility and functionality in medical environments. Designed with innovative features and crafted from high-quality materials, this cart is essential for any emergency room or healthcare unit.

Product characteristics

  • Innovative Design: The one-piece countertop with fully protected handle ensures a comfortable hold. The raised shape of the handle facilitates lateral handling.
  • Superior Mobility: The wheels, assembled on the same axle as the poles, provide stability, even with open drawers full of supplies.
  • Integrated Functionality: A strategically located mobile and detachable power outlet and an IV pole located on the main column facilitate medical operations.
  • Flexibility: The position of the IV pole and defibrillator is interchangeable, adapting to the user's preferences.
  • Optimal Storage: Large, deep drawers, along with a retractable oxygen holder and integrated belts, maximize available space.
  • Easy maintenance: It features a card insert from below, making cleaning more efficient.
  • Waste Management: Includes trash cans in green and yellow colors for efficient waste classification.

Technical specifications

  • High-quality materials such as ABS, aluminum and corrosion-resistant steel.
  • Large and resistant surface.
  • Organized compartments for documents and medical supplies.
  • Integration of a CPR table.
  • Adjustable IV pole and specific support for defibrillator.
  • Oxygen cylinder support.
  • Silent polyurethane wheels.
  • Reliable braking system.
  • Five ABS drawers with central locking.


Ideal for emergency rooms, intensive care units and any medical environment where efficiency and speed are essential. Its design facilitates quick access to medical supplies and tools.


  • Improves operational efficiency.
  • Maximize workspace.
  • Provides quick access to tools and medications.
  • Increases safety during medical emergencies.

Country of Origin: Chile


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