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COVID vaccination certificate, how to download it via WhatsApp

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In Mexico we already have the COVID vaccination certificate, a document that corroborates that you have already received the inoculation. We explain how to obtain it through the website or via WhatsApp.

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  1. The Ministry of Health enabled a chatbot to obtain your vaccination certificate via WhatsApp.
  2. Send a message via WhatsApp to +56 1713 0557  with the word “hello”.
  3. Immediately “Doctor Armando Vacuno” will answer your message.
  4. Now write the word “certificate.”
  5. The doctor. Beef” will ask you curp.
  6. Once entered, it will provide you with a link that you must download.
  7. Ready, you have your COVID-19 vaccination certificate in your hands.

It also sends you some recommendations after you have your complete vaccination schedule. In addition, remind citizens that the biological protects you from developing serious symptoms of the disease, but not from becoming infected.

How to obtain the covid-19 vaccination certificate through the website.

  1. Enter the page
  2. Enter your curp.
  3. A message will appear indicating that the certificate will be sent to the email address registered at the time of registering for the inoculation.
  4. Once in the email, there will be a link to open your certificate.

What data does the covid certificate have?

This document has your full name, the date you were vaccinated, first and second dose, what brand you were inoculated with, as well as the batch, your curp, the QR code and the date the certificate was issued.

But what is it for or what benefits does it give you?

Having this certificate offers you one benefit in particular: traveling.

Due to the pandemic, many nations have restricted their borders and have been very strict in terms of their health controls to accept visitors, especially the European Union. Your vaccination certificate includes a QR code, which can be scanned by immigration authorities. Be careful, it only applies to certain countries. Here We explain which ones and with which vaccine you can enter.

At the moment the page has some errors, so we recommend you obtain your vaccination certificate through WhatsApp.


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