Luxury Leaded Thyroid Collar 0.5 mm

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Luxury Leaded Thyroid Collar 0.5 mm

Prioritize your well-being with the Slim Royal Leaded Thyroid Collar. Offering 0.5mm of protection, this luxury model combines radiation safety with a stylish design, suitable for medical use in China and beyond. Protect your thyroid gland with confidence and comfort.

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Luxury Leaded Thyroid Collar 0.5 mm

Product description:

The Leaded Thyroid Collar from the Slim Royal brand is a luxury solution for the radiological protection of the thyroid gland. This product has been designed with a focus on effectiveness and comfort, offering 0.5mm protection, making it an ideal choice for healthcare professionals and patients in diagnostic imaging environments.

Product characteristics:

  • Specialized Protection: 0.5 mm of shielding to mitigate thyroid exposure to radiation.
  • Deluxe Model: This neck brace not only offers safety but also a luxurious design that does not compromise on style.
  • Quality Material: Selected materials to provide durability and comfort during use.


This collar is indicated for use in medical procedures where the thyroid gland could be exposed to radiation, such as x-rays, fluoroscopy, and other imaging procedures.


  • Reliable Protection: The shielding equivalence of 0.5 mm lead ensures excellent defense against radiation.
  • Comfortable Design: The deluxe model ensures long-term use is comfortable, an essential feature for long sessions or frequent use.

Country of origin: China


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