Optical Colposcope LED Source Pantographic Arm

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Optical Colposcope LED Source Pantographic Arm

The Prazise Pantographic Arm LED Source Optical Colposcope offers detailed and precise visualization for gynecological examinations. With LED lighting, optical microscope and a range of accessories, it is the perfect tool for professionals.

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Optical Colposcope LED Source Pantographic Arm

The Prazise Optical Colposcope with LED Source and Pantographic Arm represents the perfect combination of precision, quality and ergonomic design. Designed specifically for medical professionals in the gynecological field, this device provides clear and detailed visualization, allowing for accurate diagnoses and uninterrupted procedures.

Product characteristics

  • Straight Binoculars: It has a focal length of f'= 160 mm, ensuring a wide and detailed visualization.
  • High Precision Target: With a focal length of f'=300 mm, it provides clear and sharp images.
  • Coaxial Lighting: Through the innovative optical light guide system, it guarantees homogeneous illumination in the examination area.
  • Cold Light Source: It incorporates a 3V/30W LED lamp, eliminating the risk of overheating and guaranteeing a longer useful life.
  • Diopter Adjustment: Range from -5D to +5D to suit different focusing needs.
  • Luminous Intensity: It offers up to 50,000 Luxes, ensuring perfect visibility in all conditions.
  • Mobility: 270° rotation angle and 350mm lift for flexible adjustment.
  • Size: Adjustable height between 1000-1350 mm and a sturdy 600mm base.
  • Weight: The device has a total weight of 45kgs, offering stability and robustness.


  • Binoculars: With a focal length of f'= 160 mm.
  • Precision Target: Focal length of f'= 300 mm.
  • Eyepiece: 12.5x, high eyepiece, with wide angle and an exit pupil distance of 21 mm.


  • Detachable Beam Splitter: Allows the light beam to be divided according to need.
  • CCD adapter: It comes with an iris diaphragm and a focal length of f'= 65 mm. Additionally, the kit includes an integrated beam splitter and CCD adapter, facilitating the adaptability and versatility of the colposcope.


Designed for professionals in gynecology, it offers a reliable and precise tool for performing colposcopies and related examinations.


  • Clear and sharp vision.
  • Uniform lighting without heating.
  • Mobility and adjustability for comfortable use.

Country of Origin: China

Additional Information

Weight :45 kg
Dimensions100x135x60 cm


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