Handy OLV-10 Oxygen Concentrator

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Handy OLV-10 Oxygen Concentrator

Handy OLV-10 home oxygen concentrator, designed to provide efficient oxygen therapy at home. With a capacity of 10 liters per minute, LCD screen, nebulizer function and silent design. Improve your quality of life with this innovative and reliable device.

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Handy OLV-10 Oxygen Concentrator

Product description: Experience excellence in oxygen therapy with the OLV-10 Oxygen Concentrator from the Handy brand. Designed for home use, this device fuses luxury and functionality to provide you with an effective solution. Its capacity of 10 L/min guarantees a constant supply of oxygen, improving the quality of life of those who use it.

Product characteristics:

  • Intuitive LCD Screen: View total work hours and current time.
  • Timing Function: Adjust the operating time according to your needs (10 min – 480 min).
  • Nebulizer Function: Offers versatility for different medical needs.
  • Resettable Power Cutter: Continues to operate smoothly after power outages.
  • Advanced Filtering System: HEPA and bacteria filters to purify the air and keep impurities away.
  • Silent Compressor: Ensures a quiet environment with 30% longer lifespan.
  • Long duration: Suitable for 24-hour continuous operation.

Use: Ideal for people requiring oxygen therapy at home, providing a constant and reliable supply of oxygen.


  • Improves quality of life by ensuring an uninterrupted supply of oxygen.
  • Versatility with the nebulizer function for specific needs.
  • Quiet and compact design for a quiet home environment.
  • Advanced filters to purify the air and maintain a healthy environment.

Technical specifications:

  • Flow Rate: 0-10 L / min.
  • Oxygen Purity: 93% ± 3%.
  • Energy consumption: 550W.
  • Outlet Pressure: 20Kpa ~ 60Kpa.
  • Noise level: Less than 50dB.
  • Net weight: 20 Kg
  • Size: 344x306x565 (mm).
  • Voltage: 110V ± 15V, 60Hz ± 1Hz.

Country of origin: China

Additional Information

Weight :20 kg
Dimensions35x31x57 cm


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