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Oxygen concentrators and tanks, what you should know about them

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La oxygen saturation It is one more element to consider in the evolution of the COVID-19, so it is important to be aware of it and not lose contact with the doctor.

Oxygen saturation is a vital parameter to define the oxygen content of the blood and its release and for that a pulse oximeter is used.

Normal blood oxygen values ​​are around 95 to 100 percent, therefore, oxygen saturation values ​​should be 90 to 100.

La Federal Consumer Protection Office (Profeco) published in the Consumer Magazine February what we should know about the oxygen concentrator and the medical oxygen cylinder.

When is an oxygen concentrator and medical oxygen cylinder required?

Depending on oxygen saturation levels and other symptoms, a doctor should indicate the use of a medical oxygen cylinder or an oxygen concentrator as a measure of external oxygen supplementation in the context of a disease such as COVID-19.

Is there any difference between them?

Oxygen concentrator

The oxygen concentrator is an electrical device that separates oxygen from the ambient air, concentrates it, stores and takes the air from the room and filters the nitrogen. So the air supply is never exhausted unlike what happens with oxygen tanks.

Additionally, oxygen concentrators tend to vary the delivery of oxygen doses depending on the design or function of the device being used.

Medical oxygen cylinder

Medical oxygen cylinder is a cylindrical shaped container designed to contain medical oxygen at high pressures in the form of compressed gas and must be refilled each time its contents run out.

Profeco recommends a hydrostatic test to determine if the cylinder has leaks, defects or if it is in perfect condition to be recharged and avoid purchasing tanks that are not current.

Furthermore, to avoid being a victim of fraud, given the shortage of these devices due to the coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19, Profeco reports that to identify a medicinal oxygen cylinder it is necessary that it have the color green on the shoulder (Pantone 575 C), as well as on the labels with the description of its contents.

La Consumer Magazine It also launches a recommendation where it ensures that “both the use of an oxygen concentrator and a medical oxygen cylinder must be indicated by a doctor” and that these do not have to be replaced with “homemade inventions that will not work.”


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