NK F20 Radiant Heat Cradle

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NK F20 Radiant Heat Cradle

The Nucare NK-F20 Radiant Heat Crib is essential equipment in neonatal care, offering advanced temperature control and an ergonomic design for safe and efficient care of newborns.

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NK F20 Radiant Heat Cradle

Product description

The Nucare NK-F20 Radiant Heat Crib, manufactured in China, is advanced equipment designed to offer comprehensive and safe care to newborns in neonatal intensive care units. This crib integrates modern technology with an ergonomic design, ensuring a controlled and comfortable environment for newborns.

Product characteristics

  • Smart Control: Servo-controlled by micro-computer with automatic and manual control options.
  • Thermometers: Includes skin and bed temperature sensor.
  • Touch Control Panel: Separately shows the set temperature, the actual temperature and the APGAR timer.
  • Adjustable Design: Radiating head angle and cradle tilt are adjustable.
  • Integrated Equipment: Includes X-ray cassette, oxygen cylinders and oxygen infusion device.


  • Power Supply: AC220V 50HZ
  • Temperature Control Range: 25℃ to 37℃
  • Sensor Accuracy: ≤0.3℃


Ideal for hospitals and neonatal care units, providing a safe and controlled environment for the care of neonates.


  • Precise Temperature Control: Ensures an optimal environment for the well-being of the newborn.
  • Versatility and Ergonomics: Facilitates handling and safe access to the baby.
  • Guaranteed Security: Equipped with multiple alarms and an advanced control system.


  • Total Weight: 150Kg
  • Net Weight: 113kg
  • Dimensions: 1270mm × 810mm × 1130mm

Country of Origin: China

Additional Information

Weight :150 kg
Dimensions130x90x130 cm


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