Digital Radiology Digitizer X-Ray Mammography

Digital Radiology Digitizer X-Ray Mammography

Revolutionize your medical imaging with the ICR-3600M, a next-generation digital radiology/mammography digitizer. With high-speed processing, exceptional image quality and seamless PACS integration, it is an investment in superior diagnostic capabilities.

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Digital Radiology Digitizer X-ray / Mammography

Product description:

The transition to digital radiology represents a qualitative leap in healthcare, and the ICR-3600M Digitizer is at the cusp of this evolution. Offering exceptional image quality for mammography, compatibility with all PACS systems and DICOM printers, and advanced image processing, this equipment represents the future of medical imaging.

Product characteristics:

  • Premium Quality for Mammography: Sharp, detailed images allow for accurate diagnosis.
  • High efficiency: Ability to process up to 94 plates per hour, optimizing workflow.
  • Versatile Design: Option for wall mounting or table use, adapting to different work spaces.
  • Longevity and Guarantee: With chassis guaranteed for 300,000 scans, it offers a durable and reliable investment.


  • Exceptional Resolution: With 50 microns per pixel and a resolution of 508 DPI, images are of extraordinary clarity.
  • DICOM 3.0 Connectivity: Ensures seamless integration with other digital health systems.


This equipment is ideal for hospitals, mammography clinics and diagnostic imaging centers that wish to improve their efficiency and quality in the digitization of radiographic images.


  • Improved Diagnostic Quality: The high resolution and image processing capacity facilitate a quick and reliable diagnosis.
  • System integration: Compatible with PACS systems and DICOM printers, it allows centralized and efficient image management.

Country of origin: China


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