1 Channel Electrocardiograph

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1 Channel Electrocardiograph

The Contec ECG1A 80-Channel Electrocardiograph combines cutting-edge technology and intuitive operation to ensure reliable cardiac monitoring. Ideal for dynamic offices and doctors in constant movement.

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1 Channel Electrocardiograph

Product description: This rugged yet portable device offers the ability to capture accurate ECG readings, with ease of use that makes it ideal for quick consultations, routine testing, and on-the-go monitoring.

Product characteristics:

  • Superior Signal Quality: Advanced digital signal processing for high fidelity ECG waveforms.
  • Versatile Viewing Modes: Various display and print formats to suit specific user needs.


  • Battery Durability: Continuous operation of up to 10 hours, with the capacity to print 260 ECGs, ideal for high traffic environments.
  • Ample Storage: Ability to memorize more than 1000 cases, simplifying data management and patient monitoring.

Use: Perfectly suited for hospitals, clinics, and emergency services, the ECG80A is a trusted solution for frequent and detailed cardiac monitoring.


  • Automated Analysis: Automatic interpretation to speed up the diagnostic process and increase clinical efficiency.
  • International Compatibility: Interface and reports in multiple languages, making it ideal for international and multidisciplinary environments.

Country of origin: China


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