3 Channel Electrocardiograph

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3 Channel Electrocardiograph

Maximize efficiency in cardiac diagnoses with the Contec ECG3G 300-Channel Electrocardiograph. Advanced visualization, responsive printing, and intelligent analytics, all in an easy-to-use, portable design.

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3 Channel Electrocardiograph

Product description: The Contec ECG3G 300-Channel Electrocardiograph offers advanced technology in an accessible design for cardiac monitoring. With a clear display screen and extensive storage capabilities, it is a vital tool for any medical environment.

Product characteristics:

  • Viewing and Saving Paper: LCD screen to review waves before printing, optimizing paper use.
  • Advanced technology: Simultaneous 12-lead acquisition and digital filters for a clear and precise signal.
  • Various Print Modes: Flexibility in printing with various formats for easy and personalized interpretation.


  • Memory Capacity: Storage of more than 1000 cases, facilitating monitoring and statistical analysis.
  • Multiple Languages: Multi-language interfaces and printing capabilities, extending its use globally.

Use: Ideal for clinics, hospitals and home visits, this electrocardiograph is perfect for healthcare professionals who require mobility and efficiency.


  • Effective Diagnostics: Self-analysis and self-interpretation to assist in rapid and accurate diagnoses.
  • Uninterrupted Operation: Up to 4 hours of standby and 150 waveform prints on one charge, maximizing productivity.

Country of origin: China


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