12 Channel Electrocardiograph With Interpretation

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12 Channel Electrocardiograph With Interpretation

The Bionet EKG12 2000-Channel Electrocardiograph is a high-tech solution for accurate ECG interpretation. With advanced connectivity options and ease of use, it is an essential ally for healthcare professionals.

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12 Channel Electrocardiograph With Interpretation

Product description

This device is a key piece of medical equipment that allows for fast and reliable ECG acquisition with assisted interpretation. Its design is designed to adjust to the needs of doctors, facilitating cardiovascular evaluation in adult and pediatric patients.

Product characteristics

  • Fax Compatibility: Ability to integrate with an external modem for sending faxes, ideal for quickly sharing results (optional modem).
  • PC Connectivity: It incorporates a PC interface with RS-232 port and LAN connection for effective communication (optional).
  • Viewing on PC: ECG trace monitoring on the computer screen for enhanced viewing.
  • LCD screen: Simplified operation via 2 x 16 character liquid crystal display.
  • Registration Versatility: Options of 12 channels, 6 channels + 1 rhythm, and 3 channels + 1 rhythm with a 60 second rhythm.
  • QA: Automatic detection of loose leads to ensure recording quality.
  • Compatible Software: Fluid communication through software compatible with PC RS-232 and LAN interface (PC, LAN, modem not included).


  • Kind of paper: Using standard 210mm thermal paper or fax paper.
  • Channel Settings: 12 channels / 6 channels + 1 rhythm / 3 channels + 1 rhythm.
  • Paper Speed: Adjustable to 12.5, 25, and 50 mm per second in monitoring mode.


This EKG is ideal for healthcare settings that need reliable and accurate technology for rapid ECG interpretation, such as hospitals, clinics, and doctors' offices.


  • Assisted Interpretation: Improve diagnostic accuracy with advanced interpretation algorithms.
  • Effective communication: Facilitates transmission of ECG data for consultation and storage.
  • Operational Flexibility: Adapts to a variety of clinical environments with multiple recording and display modes.

Country of Origin: South Korea


  • Paper Speed: 12.5 / 25 / 50 mm per second.


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