Anesthesia Equipment With Standard Ventilator

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Anesthesia Equipment With Standard Ventilator

Medical Solutions presents Machine for 2 gases (02/n2o) with 2 vaporizers (isofluorane, sevoflourane), anti-hypoxia system, dual co2 absorber, with fan and flowmeter.

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Anesthesia Equipment With Standard Ventilator


  • Gas system (o2-n2o).
  • Duct line pressure measurement (o2, n2o) 0 10kgf/cm2
  • Supports cylinder (o2, n2o) with pressure of 0 250 kg/cml
  • Flowmeter with anti-hypoxia system
  • Color code (o2 green, n2o blue).
  • Oxygen scale = 0.1 – 10lpm
  • Nitrous oxide = 0.2-12lpm
  • Dual carbon dioxide (co2) absorber
  • Negative valve opens at 0.5 cmh2o
  • Positive valve opens 10 cmh2o
  • 2 liter reservoir bag
  • Oxygen level valve with switch for halothane vaporizer use
  • Enfluorane, Isoflorane and servoflorane
  • Stainless steel base for 3-drawer instruments
  • Connectors “y” /l
  • Micro processor controlled anesthesia ventilator
  • Valve selector and bellows chamber system with support.


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