Leaded Glove

Leaded Glove

The Slim Royal Leaded Glove offers superior radiological protection for the hands with a 0.5 mm lead layer and 390 mm length, ensuring safety and comfort during medical procedures.

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Leaded Glove

Product description:

This Slim Royal brand leaded glove is an essential piece of personal protective equipment designed to protect healthcare professionals' hands from ionizing radiation during radiography procedures.

Product characteristics:

  • Size: Large, suitable for most users.
  • Protection: Equipped with a 0.5 mm layer of protection, offering an efficient barrier against radiation.
  • Length: With a 390mm extension, it provides extensive coverage beyond the wrist.
  • Material: It features a Blue-Sherat cover, offering durability and flexibility.

Country of origin: China


Ideal for radiologists, x-ray technicians and healthcare personnel performing procedures where hands may be exposed to radiation.


  • Professional Protection: Offers radiation safety in medical environments, minimizing the risk of radiation damage.
  • Comfort and Fit: The large size and flexibility of the material ensure comfort even during prolonged use.
  • Extended Coverage: Its extra length helps protect part of the forearm.


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