Leaded Gloves for RX Protection

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Leaded Gloves for RX Protection

Defend your hands from the danger of radiation with Leaded Gloves from Shielding International. Made with top quality materials, these 38 cm vinyl gloves provide a protective barrier of 0.5 mm of lead, ensuring your safety in radiological procedures. They are available in elegant blue and red colors and can be purchased in pairs or individually, adapting to the demands of the medical environment in the USA.

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Leaded Gloves for RX Protection

Product description:

At the forefront of radiation protection, Shielding International introduces Leaded X-Ray Protection Gloves, a safety essential for professionals operating in environments where X-rays are present. With a seamless design and meticulous construction, these gloves offer unsurpassed protection combined with exceptional comfort and flexibility.

Product characteristics:

  • Improved Comfort: Internal padding to withstand long days without compromising mobility.
  • Resistant material: Seamless flexible vinyl to prevent degradation from continuous use.
  • Optimal Length: 38" for extended coverage beyond the wrist.
  • Superior Protection: Equivalence of 0.5 mm Pb, providing an effective barrier against radiation.
  • Variety: Available both in pairs and individually, satisfying different needs and preferences.
  • Aesthetics and Functionality: Distinctive blue and red colors to adapt to the aesthetic standards of any medical center.


Developed to be used by radiologists, imaging technicians and any healthcare personnel who requires radiological protection of their hands during diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.


  • Maximum Protection: Complies with rigorous international safety standards.
  • Prolonged Comfort: Ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue.
  • Assured Durability: High quality materials that guarantee a long life of the product.

Country of origin: USA


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