Neonatal Thermal Incubator with Door

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Neonatal Thermal Incubator with Door

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Neonatal Thermal Incubator with Door


  • Servo-controlled by micro-computer;
  • Enough operating windows can reduce disturbance to the baby during breastfeeding;
  • Touch switch panel with digital LED display, set-temp, actual temp are displayed separately;
  • Multiply self-check alarms with audible and visible; Heating power rate indicates 0-100%;
  • The baby bed can be pulled out of the side door


  • Power supply: AC220V, 50HZ
  • Power input: 600VA
  • Air temperature control range: 25℃~37℃
  • Temperature change: ≤0.5 ℃
  • Temperature uniformity: ≤0.8 ℃
  • Temperature rising time: ≤45min
  • Noise level: ≤55dB (A)


  • Audible and visible alarm indication, and can indicate the actual temperature and cut off the power supply of the heater.
  • Over temperature alarm: when control temperature ≤38 ℃;
  • Deviation alarm: ±3℃;
  • Sensor alarm: when the sensor is disconnected, open circuit, short circuit or put in the wrong place;
  • Fan alarm: when the fan is blocked, speed ≤1000rpm or stop working;
  • Power failure alarm: when there is no power or the power cord is disconnected.
  • Alarm system: when there is a malfunction E2ROM inside the temperature controller.


  • Gross weight: 72Kg
  • Net weight: 60Kg
  • Measurement: 1085mm × 640mm × 1080mm


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