Neonatal Thermal Transfer Incubator for Ambulance

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Neonatal Thermal Transfer Incubator for Ambulance

The Nucare NK-30T Neonatal Thermal Incubator is the perfect choice for the safe and efficient care of neonates in ambulances. With its advanced temperature control system and adaptive design, this Chinese-made incubator is essential for hospitals and emergency services.

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Neonatal Thermal Transfer Incubator for Ambulance

Product description

The Nucare NK-30T Neonatal Thermal Incubator is advanced medical equipment designed to offer the best care and protection to neonates during their transport in ambulances. Made in China, this incubator combines cutting-edge technology and ergonomic design to ensure a safe and controlled environment for babies.

Product characteristics

  • Advanced Temperature Control: Servo-controlled skin and air temperature with separate display for set, air and baby temperatures.
  • Flexible Work Modes: Includes Air Mode and Baby Mode, automatically adjusting to the needs of the newborn.
  • Integrated Alarms: Visible and audible alarms for additional security.
  • Oxygen Support: Equipped with double oxygen cylinder for a constant supply.

Technical specifications

  • SKU: NK-30T
  • Brand: Nucare
  • Temperature Control Range: Air 25°C – 37°C, Baby 34°C – 37°C.
  • Power Supply: AC and DC 12V and DC 24V.
  • Battery: TP12-26, 12VDC, 26AH, 6 hour life, 200 cycle life.
  • Dimensions: Various detailed measurements for base body and cabin.


Ideal for the safe transport of neonates in ambulances, providing a controlled and stable environment.


  • Stable Environment: Maintains an optimal and constant temperature for the newborn.
  • Transportation Versatility: Adaptability for use in different types of ambulances.
  • Enhanced Security: With alarms and oxygen support to respond to any need of the newborn.

Country of Origin: China


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