Surgery Lamp 1 LED Hood Camera, Monitor and Touch Panel 2 Arms

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Surgery Lamp 1 LED Hood Camera, Monitor and Touch Panel 2 Arms

Optimize your surgical environment with the PRZ-1-PLUS-C LED Surgery Light from Prazise, ​​designed with an illuminating hood, high-definition camera and touch controls for improved precision and efficient surgery.

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Surgery Lamp 1 LED Hood Camera, Monitor and Touch Panel 2 Arms

General description: The Prazise PRZ-1-PLUS-C Surgery Light is an advanced surgical lighting solution that features a single LED hood, complemented by an HD camera and a touch control panel to adjust the lighting. Designed for a variety of surgical procedures, it offers high flexibility and precision.

Product characteristics:

  • Mobility and Flexibility: 360º rotation and easy handling of the satellites.
  • Integrated HD Camera: 2 million pixel resolution for clear and detailed vision.
  • Advanced LED Technology: Toshiba rotating anode tube and OSRAM LEDs for efficient, low-heat lighting.
  • Quality Lighting: 8 levels of light intensity and professional MIS mode with Green and White Light for the best surgical visualization.
  • Detachable Sterilizable Handle: Withstands autoclave sterilization at 135ºC more than 3000 times.
  • Shadowless Lighting: Optimized lighting engine to avoid shadows.
  • Superior Durability: LEDs with a lifespan of more than 50.000 hours.
  • High Color Fidelity: Color rendering index CRI of 95.
  • Adjustable Illuminated Field: Field size of 150 – 300mm.
  • Energy efficiency: Electrical consumption of 80W with an LED frequency of 80.

Use: This light is ideal for surgical centers that require high-quality lighting, detailed viewing capabilities, and easy-to-use controls for complex procedures.


  • Optimal Display: The combination of LED lighting, HD camera and multiple intensity levels ensure efficient operation.
  • Adaptability: Fine adjustment capability allows lighting to be adapted to different procedures.
  • Long Useful Life and Sustainability: Energy efficiency and durability of LEDs reduce operating costs and environmental impact.

Country of origin: China


  • Consumption: 80W per hood.
  • LED Frequency (W): 80.
  • CRI: 95.


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