5-Focus Surgery Lamp With Articulated Pedestal Support

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5-Focus Surgery Lamp With Articulated Pedestal Support

The Prazise 5-Focus Surgery Lamp offers high-precision surgical lighting with flexible adjustment and emergency battery. Certified to guarantee superior quality standards.

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5-Focus Surgery Lamp With Articulated Pedestal Support

Product description:

The 5-Focus Surgery Lamp with Articulated Pedestal Support from the Prazise brand is a comprehensive solution for lighting during various hospital operations. Precisely designed, this lamp features a simple structure that allows adjustment of the bulbs for optimal lighting. Its high color restoration filter and high level of shadow removal make it ideal for viewing the surface of the fabric in its natural color. With emergency battery, it guarantees a continuous supply of light in case of power failure.

Product characteristics:

  • Lighting adjustment with joints for flexible positioning.
  • Simple structure to easily change the bulbs.
  • High color restoration filter.
  • High level of shadow removal.
  • Emergency battery for continuity in lighting.
  • Hanging system and flexible arm for various lighting needs.
  • CE (European Community) and TÜV Germany certifications according to ISO9001 standards.
  • Voltage: 110v, Frequency: 60Hz.
  • Central Lighting: 50,000 lux.
  • Heat Transformation Index CRI: ≥ 80.
  • Color Temperature: 4000k.
  • Focus Power: 25w.
  • Number of Spotlights: 5.


Ideal for lighting during hospital operations, offering a light that allows you to observe the real color of the tissues.


  • Flexible lighting adjustment for various operations.
  • Lighting continuity with emergency battery.
  • Certifications that guarantee quality standards.
  • High color restoration and shadow removal.

Country of Origin: Germany


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