LED Dental or Veterinary Surgery Lamp 1 Ceiling Hood

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LED Dental or Veterinary Surgery Lamp 1 Ceiling Hood

Experience innovation with the Prazise PRZ-401 LED Dental Lamp. Designed for dental surgical procedures, this lamp offers exceptional color restoration and energy efficiency. With an ultra-slim and easy-to-clean design, it ensures detailed viewing.

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LED Dental and/or Veterinary Surgery Lamp 1 Ceiling Hood

Product description:

Immerse yourself in innovation with the Prazise LED Dental and/or Veterinary Surgery Lamp. Designed to exceed standards, this ceiling light offers exceptional illumination during medical procedures. Its unique spectral optical filter ensures unparalleled color restoration, while OSRAM's medical-grade LED ensures reliable performance. With over 50,000 hours of lifespan, this lamp not only meets operational requirements but also saves maintenance costs. Discover excellence with Prazise.

Product characteristics:

  • Specialized Design: The light adapts to various operational requirements thanks to its exclusive software design.
  • Spectral Optical Filter: Ensures excellent color restoration for accurate viewing.
  • Energy Saving: OSRAM medical class LED offers energy savings and minimal heat emission.
  • Extended Lifespan: With more than 50,000 hours of lifespan, the PRZ-400 series reduces maintenance costs.
  • Practical Design: Easy to clean, saves space with its streamlined design and has a detachable sterilizable handle.
  • Ultra-thin Design: Aesthetics and functionality come together in an ultra-thin design.

Technical specifications:

  • Central Illuminance (Lux): 120,000
  • Color Rendering Index (Ra): > 95
  • Focusable Light Field Size (mm): 100-200
  • Color Temperature (K): 4300
  • Effective Bulb Life (hour): > 50,000
  • Lamp Housing Diameter (mm): 400
  • Illumination Depth L1: > 1400
  • Power (W): 80


Ideal for dental and veterinary surgical procedures requiring precise and reliable lighting.


  • Detailed display thanks to color restoration.
  • Energy efficiency with OSRAM LEDs.
  • Practical and easy to maintain design.
  • Long life for long-lasting performance.

Country of Origin: Germany


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