Dual 20 Inch Ceiling Lamp

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Dual 20 Inch Ceiling Lamp

The Medical Illuminations 20 Inch Dual Ceiling Lamp is the pinnacle of surgical lighting, with advanced design and functionality that guarantees uninterrupted, quality lighting for the most demanding surgical environments.

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Dual 20 Inch Ceiling Lamp

Product description: The 20 Inch Dual Ceiling Lamp, model SS2S2120, is a cutting-edge surgical lighting solution manufactured by Medical Illuminations, a leader in the medical lighting technology sector. Sourced from the United States, this lamp incorporates ingenious design and advanced technology to provide exceptional clinical lighting.

Product characteristics:

  • Fully adjustable light pattern to suit various surgical conditions.
  • Sturdy roof frame ensures superior stability and functionality.
  • 360° rotating contacts at key points for smooth, continuous movement.
  • Intuitive electronic touch controls for easy on, off and intensity adjustment.
  • Removable and sterilizable handle to maintain aseptic conditions.
  • Bulb reserve system with automatic change, ensuring continuous lighting.
  • Advanced design suspension arm that offers extensive and homogeneous coverage.
  • Unique curved facial lens that optimizes light focusing.

Technical specifications:

  • Bulb life: 1000 hours
  • Color temperature: 4000 Kelvin
  • Depth of field: 48 inches
  • Light field diameter: Adjustable from 6.4 to 9 inches
  • Lamp head diameter: 20 inches


  • Ideal for a wide range of surgical procedures requiring precision and clarity.
  • Easy to operate and adjust, even during complex procedures.


  • Ensures optimal visibility and reduces eye fatigue for the surgeon.
  • It offers reliability through its automatic backup bulb.
  • Ergonomic design improves efficiency in the operating room.

Country of Origin: USA


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