Single Ceiling Lamp

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Single Ceiling Lamp

Medical Solutions presents a simple 100,000 Lux LED ceiling operating room lamp.

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Single Ceiling Lamp


  • Simple ceiling lamp.
  • LED bulb life 50,000 hours (approx. 10 – 20 years).
  • 100,000 LUX (1m).
  • Color temperature: 4,300° K.
  • Virtually no heat emissions, which makes use more comfortable during operation, compared to halogen and with less than half the electricity consumption.
  • Illumination and True Color: Sophisticated lens design emits colors within a focused beam to deliver all-white light suitable for color accuracy, avoiding color imperfections.
  • color that LED lamps normally deliver.
  • Intensity control: 5 steps.
  • Better shadow control: Individually focused lens design.


  • Sterilizable handle.


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