Double Ceiling Lamp

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Double Ceiling Lamp

The Medical Illuminations Double Ceiling Light redefines efficiency in surgical lighting with its advanced LED technology, offering exceptional illumination, energy savings and improved comfort for patients and staff in the operating room.

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Double Ceiling Lamp

Product description: The Medical Illuminations Double Ceiling Light is a cutting-edge surgical lighting solution, designed to maximize energy efficiency and comfort in the operating room. Incorporating advanced LED technology, this lamp is ideal for a wide range of surgical procedures, providing bright, consistent illumination.

Product characteristics:

  • Green Technology: Efficient energy system that consumes half the electricity compared to halogen lamps.
  • Increased Efficiency: 50,000-hour LEDs reduce the need for frequent replacement.
  • Excellence in Lighting: Luminous output of 130,000 Lux and a color temperature of 4300° Kelvin, offering optimal visibility of the surgical site.
  • Procedure Comfort: LED cooling technology that reduces heat, improving patient and staff comfort.
  • Cost Savings: Significant cost savings compared to standard operating room lights.

Technical specifications:

  • Advanced LED technology, light output, color temperature, and ergonomic design designed to optimize efficiency and effectiveness in the operating room.


  • Suitable for a variety of surgical environments, improving efficiency and comfort during procedures.


  • High quality lighting for better surgical vision.
  • Energy efficiency and savings in operating costs.
  • Less heat generation for greater comfort in the operating room.

Country of origin: United States


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