Leaded Lenses .75 mm

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Leaded Lenses .75 mm

Shielding International Leaded Glasses combine safety, comfort and style. With .75mm lead protection, durable frame, and customizable fit, they are the essential addition to your radiation protection gear.

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Leaded Lenses .75 mm

Product description: Shielding International Leaded Lenses are designed to provide optimal radiation protection in medical, industrial or research environments. With careful consideration for comfort and functionality, these leaded glasses feature a sleek, ergonomic design ideal for extended wear.

Product characteristics:

  • Superior Protection: With a .75mm lead equivalency, these lenses offer a robust radiation barrier.
  • Comfort and Style: Comfortably molded with good style on a durable tortoise-colored nylon frame, it fits contemporary fashion.
  • Custom Fit: They have an adjustable bridge, allowing customization to suit any user.
  • Expanded Vision: They offer excellent peripheral vision, reducing visual restrictions during use.
  • Side Shields: They incorporate leaded side shields for additional protection against radiation in all directions.

Country of origin: USA

Use: These lenses are ideal for professionals working with X-ray equipment, CT scans and other sources of ionizing radiation, where eye protection is essential.


  • Increased Security: By using Leaded Lenses, users can significantly decrease the risk of eye damage due to radiation exposure.
  • Durability: The nylon frame provides a long-term solution for eye safety needs.
  • Adaptive Design: They can be used in a variety of environments and adjusted to meet the individual needs of users.


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