RX Protection Lenses

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RX Protection Lenses

The SHL-JD53 X-ray Protective Glasses offer an unprecedented fusion of style and safety. Lightweight and comfortable, they provide comprehensive protection with leaded lenses and side shields, keeping your vision clear and protected during radiographic procedures. Made in the USA, they are a trusted standard in medical settings.

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RX Protection Lenses

Product description:

Shielding International presents its premium line of protective lenses, the SHL-JD53 model, designed to offer an efficient barrier against radiation in medical procedures. The tortoise nylon frame adds a touch of elegance while ensuring long-lasting durability and a comfortable fit for long work days.

Product characteristics:

  • Comfortable Design: Molded to fit the shape of the face and offer comfort during prolonged use.
  • Style and Durability: Tortoise-colored nylon frame that combines a modern look with resistance to impacts and everyday use.
  • Integral protection: Leaded side shields and lenses with an equivalence of 0.75mm Pb for superior protection.


  • Peripheric vision: Design that allows a wide range of vision without obstructions.
  • Light weight: At only 90 grams, they are designed for continuous use without causing discomfort.


Ideal for radiologists, x-ray technicians, and any medical personnel who require eye protection from radiation exposure.


  • High Protection: Eye safety is never compromised thanks to 0.75mm lead equivalence on front and side lenses.
  • Customizable Setting: The adjustable nose bridge ensures that the glasses fit perfectly on any user.

Country of origin: USA

Sizes: These lenses are lightweight and have measurements that ensure a universal and comfortable fit for users.


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