Anesthesia Machine With Volume And Pressure Ventilation

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Anesthesia Machine With Volume And Pressure Ventilation

The Prazise PRZ-S65A Anesthesia Machine offers precise volume and pressure ventilation, with advanced modes and ergonomic design. Ideal for ICU, operating rooms and anesthesiology. Cutting-edge technology for safe and efficient procedures.

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Anesthesia Machine With Volume And Pressure Ventilation

Product description:

The Prazise PRZ-S65A Anesthesia Machine has been designed to offer exceptional performance in environments such as intensive care units (ICU), operating rooms and anesthesiology departments. This classic model, the PRZ-S65A, stands out for its comfort, ease of use and exceptional ergonomic design. It is a comprehensive solution for inhalation anesthesia and respiratory management in adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.

Product characteristics:

  • 10,4” TFT LCD screen for viewing ventilation parameters, alarm information and oscillogram.
  • High precision flowmeter that provides instant information on the flow of fresh gas to the patient.
  • Integrated breathing circuit design for simple and neat operation.
  • Multiple working modes, such as volume control and pressure limit, adapting to a wide range of patients.
  • Vaporizer with temperature, pressure, flow compensation and self-locking functions to maintain safety at all times.
  • Multi-parameter monitoring interface for detailed evaluation of patient condition.
  • Vital signs monitor and anesthetic gas monitor options.
  • Flexible and customizable configurations to suit various clinical requirements.


This anesthesia machine is ideal for procedures in ICU, surgeries and anesthesiology departments, providing an efficient and safe workflow.


  • Simple operation with a compact interface and large screen.
  • Multiple ventilation modes to adapt to different clinical scenarios.
  • Flexible configurations that meet international standards and advanced technology.
  • Built-in backup battery for emergency power supply.
  • More than 25 years of experience support its design and manufacturing, installed in more than 200 countries.

Country of Origin: Germany


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