Analog Mastograph

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Analog Mastograph

The Medien IRENE Analog Mastograph is a high-performance, easy-to-use mammography system, designed to deliver sharp and accurate mammography images with a patient-centered process and efficient operation.

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Analog Mastograph

Product description:

The Medien IRENE Analog Mammography Machine represents a high-level diagnostic imaging solution for mammography. This analog system, complemented by digital CR imaging functionality and PACS compatibility, is designed to provide the highest quality images with simple and economical installation and maintenance. This equipment becomes an essential element for clinics and hospitals that seek a balance between cutting-edge technology, cost-effectiveness and patient-centered management.

Product characteristics:

  • High Level in Mammography: It incorporates CR digitization technology and image display for accurate evaluation.
  • Easy Installation and Transportation: Designed for hassle-free assembly and convenient mobility within the clinic.
  • Low Maintenance Cost: Durable, easy-to-maintain components for reliable, long-term performance.
  • Automatic Exposure: Exposure settings automatically optimized for each patient.
  • Cassette Holder Inclusion: Adaptable to standard cassette sizes without the need for extra supports.
  • Intuitive Control: Simple operation with user friendly controls.
  • Motorized Movement: Motorized head and paddle adjustments for efficient and comfortable operation.
  • Safe and Comfortable Compression: Compression encouraged with polycarbonate paddles that minimize patient discomfort.
  • Automatic Rotation: One-touch tube rotation feature for quick transition between positions.


  • High Frequency Generator: 22-39kV, 1~500 mAs.
  • X-ray tube: Dual focus, molybdenum anode, with a maximum heat content of 300 kHU.
  • Motorized C-Arm and Column: Precise and stabilized movements with mechanical brakes and automatic positioning.


This mammogram is intended to be used in the diagnosis and monitoring of breast tissue, providing a crucial tool in the detection and management of breast pathologies.


  • Improved Diagnostics: With its advanced technology and high-precision features, it offers enhanced and detailed diagnostics.
  • Patient Centered: Gentle movements and controlled compression make the process as comfortable as possible for the patient.
  • Operation Efficiency: Minimize setup times and maximize performance with its intuitive design and automated controls.

Country of origin: China


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