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Merkel urges Europe to prepare for a world without US leadership

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for serious reflection on a new reality in which the United States may no longer seek to be the world leader.

“We grew up with a certain understanding that the United States wanted to be a world power. “If the United States wants to withdraw from this role of its own volition, we will have to think about that seriously,” Merkel said.

En an interview with six European newspapers, including The Guardian, the German chancellor also clarified that the American troops They not only help protect European countries that are members of NATO, but also Washington's interests. Nevertheless, he promised to continue developing German military capabilities.

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© AP PHOTO / EVAN VUCCI Furthermore, the chancellor added that there are “good reasons” to maintain commitment to NATO and the “common nuclear protective shield.” But, of course, Europe has to contribute more than in the Cold War.”

After US President Donald Trump announced that he would reduce the number of his troops because “Germany is delinquent in its payments to NATO”, but “pays Russia”, the German ambassador to the US, Emily Haber, responded that American troops are in Germany not to provide protection for the country, but to maintain transatlantic security.

In September 2019, Merkel said that Europe needs to think about its own security because the US will not “automatically” protect it as they did during the Cold War.

Germany responds to Trump about the permanence of US troops
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