Luxury Radiolucent Stainless Steel Surgical Table

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Luxury Radiolucent Stainless Steel Surgical Table

Steel base luxury surgery table.

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Luxury Radiolucent Stainless Steel Surgical Table


  • 5-section table with independent mattress
  • Headboard with continuous flexion
  • Folding backrest
  • Split leg section, removable and foldable
  • Column base and nickel chrome steel structure
  • Base mounted on 4 conductive wheels of 100mm diameter
  • Four-wheel central braking system
  • The table height adjustment is activated by a hydraulic pedal
  • Lateral tilt using cranks
  • Completely radiolucent surface allows chassis up to 14 x 17¨


  • Dimensions of 2100 x 480 mm.
  • Height elevation from 800mm to 1040mm
  • Trendelenburg position +-25°
  • Backrest inclination angle of +80°
  • 90° leg inclination angle
  • Lateral inclination +-20°,
  • +45 – 90° head support
  • Rollable with manual floor brake.
  • Stainless steel cover.


  • Anesthesia arch with fixator
  • Cushioned arm support with fixator (2 pieces)
  • Goepel-type articulated padded legs with fixator (2 pieces)
  • Head support (1 piece)
  • Padded side supports with fixators (2 pieces)


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