Prisma Vent 40 Fan

Prisma Vent 40 Fan

The Löwenstein Prisma Vent 40 Ventilator is the perfect choice for advanced respiratory support. With German technology, it offers silent operation, a bright screen and up to 12 hours of battery life. Ideal for modern medical environments.

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Prisma Vent 40 Fan

Product description:

The Prisma Vent 40 Ventilator from the Löwenstein brand is a high-quality innovation in the field of respiratory medical care. Designed to offer advanced support in a variety of clinical situations, this device combines technical precision with ease of use, ensuring that patients receive the most optimal care possible.

Product characteristics:

  • Brilliant display: The large screen guarantees optimal viewing, with intense contrasts, high sharpness and natural colors.
  • Easy handling: Its user interface features intuitive menus that make setup and use quick and easy.
  • Easy 360° rotation: Equipped with a rotation button and quick selection keys for convenient adjustment.
  • full compatibility: Designed to be compatible with a wide range of patient circuits and other medical devices.
  • Silent: Quiet operation for patient comfort.
  • Battery duration: With up to 12 hours of battery life, it offers exceptional mobility for patients on the go.


Within its technical specifications, the Prisma Vent 40 Fan stands out for its intuitive control panel, a series of essential components for its optimal operation, and the ability to connect various modules and accessories.


Ideal for hospitals, clinics and other medical environments where advanced respiratory support is required.


With the Prisma Vent 40 Ventilator, healthcare professionals can rely on a device that is not only high quality but also easy to use, thus ensuring the best care for their patients.

Country of origin: Germany.


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