High Frequency Analog X-ray

Original price was: EUR65,920.01.Current price is: EUR56,032.01.


High Frequency Analog X-ray

Original price was: EUR65,920.01.Current price is: EUR56,032.01.

Discover the power of radiology with the DRGEM GXR68S Analog X-Ray, your ally in imaging diagnosis that offers precision and high quality thanks to its high-frequency technology. Originating in South Korea, it redefines efficiency and quality in healthcare.

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High Frequency Analog X-ray

Product description: The DRGEM GXR68S Analog X-Ray is designed to facilitate obtaining radiographic images with great definition and clarity. With its digital control and high frequency system, it ensures consistent and reliable image quality. The flexibility of its floating table and the durability of its components make it ideal for hospitals and clinics of any size.

Product characteristics:

  • Digital Control: Allows intuitive and precise operation of the equipment.
  • PBT-4 Floating Table: Facilitates patient positioning with a smooth and stable movement.
  • TS-FC6 Floor-Ceiling Column and WBS Wall Bucky: Versatility in performing exams on patients standing or lying down.
  • DXT-8M X-ray Tube: It guarantees high-quality and high-performance X-ray emission.
  • High Frequency Generator: Superior images with minimal KV ripple.


  • X-ray Generator: Model GXR-40 with 40KW output and KV range of 40-125 KV.
  • Line Voltage: Single-phase 230v ac ± 10%, 60hz, which meets standard energy needs.
  • Dimensions and Weight: The control console and main cabinet are designed for efficient integration into clinical spaces.

Use: The DRGEM GXR68S system is indicated for radiographic rooms that perform general diagnostic procedures, from routine examinations to specialized full-body evaluations.


  • High Image Quality: Ensures accurate diagnoses with its high-frequency system and advanced x-ray generator.
  • Adaptability: Ability to upgrade to digital with the additional acquisition of a Flat Panel and Workstation.
  • Ergonomics: Designed for the comfort of the operator and patient, with a floating table and adjustable column.

Country of origin: South Korea


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