H-F100 High Frequency Portable X-ray

Original price was: EUR14,603.05.Current price is: EUR12,412.59.


H-F100 High Frequency Portable X-ray

Original price was: EUR14,603.05.Current price is: EUR12,412.59.

Job's Porta100H-F is the portable high-frequency X-ray machine that combines Japanese technology, compact design and advanced features for demanding healthcare professionals. Includes a 1-year warranty and a range of industry-leading features.

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H-F100 High Frequency Portable X-ray

Product description:

Job's Porta100H-F redefines mobile radiography with its portable design and advanced features. This portable high-frequency X-ray unit is designed for healthcare professionals looking for efficiency, portability and precision in a compact, easy-to-transport solution.

Outstanding Features:

  • Unique Versatility: The equipment includes a rotating selection of kV and mAs, allowing it to be adapted to various clinical needs.
  • Improved Efficiency: It stores up to 8 different techniques and comes with an APR switch to streamline procedures.
  • Portable Design: Weighing just 8.8 kg, it is ideal for mobile uses and adapts to different hospital environments.
  • Advanced Technical Specifications: Total filtration of 2.5 mm Al at 100kV and mAs selection from 0.3 to 50mAs.

Technical details:

  • Generator: Inverted control type with an output of 2kW.
  • Display: Digital display with 7-segment LED for clear and precise viewing.
  • cables: It comes with a 3 meter line cord and a two-step manual switch, plus a 6m power cord and a 3m handheld release cable.
  • Collimator: Equipped with a 30-second timer and crossing indication line, improving the precision and safety of procedures.

Optimal Conditions of Use:

  • Ideal temperature of 20°C with a variation of ± 15°C.
  • Recommended humidity of 69% with a variation of ± 20%.

Guarantee and Origin:

This equipment comes backed with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects, ensuring your investment. Coming from Japan, it is synonymous with quality and durability.


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