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Sanitation and Disinfection through thermonebulization

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Sanitization and Disinfection Service through thermo nebulization

Given the situation of COVID-19 One of the most worrying factors that directly impacts Mexico's economy are plant stoppages, particularly in Industries such as Automotive, Manufacturing and Auto Parts that operate 24/7 and where the cost of downtime can be up to $100,000. USD per hour or more.

One of the most important tasks in planning and scheduling the strike is preparing the return onboarding process for your workers.

If you are a plant manager, or belong to the Human Resources, Purchasing or Safety and Hygiene (EH) department, take advantage of this time to carry out the correct Sanitation and Disinfection of your spaces.

Our Sanitation and Disinfection Service

They are done through thermo nebulization  which prevents the proliferation of the virus, it is necessary to determine the origin of the disinfection which has two variables:

1.-Preventive disinfection: Reduces the viral load of your facility or plant.

2.-Disinfection due to confirmed presence of viruses: Designed for work sites where the case of COVD-19 and common use areas with greater traffic (toilets, bathrooms, hallways, dining rooms, meeting rooms, etc.).


  1. What method do you use to sanitize industrial plants, offices or companies?

Thermofogging allows for better control of microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores)

  1. Why use Thermonebulization against the virus?

Thermofogging generates a kind of 'mist' that disperses and penetrates even into inaccessible places, such as places where it cannot be humidified, such as electrical-electronic equipment and controls.

  1. Is thermofogging effective?

The thermofogging method is the most effective solution for treating large surfaces and spaces. It is considered that this process is more effective when applied in closed spaces, allowing the disinfectant particles to concentrate in the same space, ensuring its effectiveness. 

  1. What disinfectants do you use?

The disinfectants used must be highly effective against the spread and elimination of bacteria and viruses, ideal for both indoor environments and surfaces. It will be detailed in your quote.

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