High Frequency Mobile Digital C-Arm System

High Frequency Mobile Digital C-Arm System

The Schlägen SLA-6C High Frequency Mobile Digital C-Arm System offers the latest in radiology technology, combining high-quality images with a mobile and ergonomic design for efficient and safe diagnosis.

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High Frequency Mobile Digital C-Arm System

Product description:

The Schlägen SLA-6C High Frequency Mobile Digital C-Arm System is advanced radiological equipment, designed to provide high quality images with maximum efficiency and safety. This system combines cutting-edge technology and ergonomic design for ease of use in a variety of medical environments.

Product characteristics:

  • High-frequency, high-voltage X-ray generator that reduces X-ray exposure.
  • Auto tracking function to optimize the brightness and clarity of images.
  • LCD touch operation interface for smart and convenient operation.
  • Three-field image intensifier and megapixel digital camera for clear, detailed images.
  • Mobile and ergonomic design to facilitate movement and operation.


  • C-Arm Frame with Power Auxiliary Support Arm.
  • 24-inch LCD with 1920×1200 resolution.
  • Electric adjustable beam collimator and laser cross positioner.
  • Standard workstation with DICOM interface.
  • Parts included: Monoblock, imaging system, mechanical part.


Ideal for hospitals and clinics that require high-precision radiology equipment for diagnostics and interventional procedures.


  • High quality images for more accurate diagnoses.
  • Significant reduction of x-ray exposure for patients and staff.
  • Greater efficiency in radiological procedures.
  • Ease of integration with hospital information systems.

Country of Origin: Germany


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