DC-40 Ultrasound System


DC-40 Ultrasound System


The Mindray DC-40 Ultrasound System redefines the standard in medical technology. With Full HD, this system is designed for professionals who demand the best in diagnostics. Its rich suite of advanced tools and features ensures unmatched quality and precision care.

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DC-40 Ultrasound System

Product description:

The Mindray DC-40 Ultrasound System, designed with Full HD, is a leading exponent in the world of medical technology. Designed specifically for professionals seeking to refine and improve primary care services, this system offers the latest in imaging technology. Its high definition allows more precise diagnoses, ensuring quality care for the patient.

Product characteristics:

  • Top Image Definition: Provides unprecedented clarity in image viewing for more accurate diagnoses.
  • Classic Imaging Technologies: It incorporates established technologies that enhance the sharpness and detail of each image.
  • iClear: Advanced speckle reduction technology for a clearer image.
  • PSH: Harmonic imaging technique with phase shift that improves the visualization of details.
  • iBeam: Advanced composite spatial imaging.
  • ComboWave Transducers: These optimized transducers use a composite piezoelectric material that dramatically improves acoustic spectrum and image resolution.
  • Dual-Volume: A specialized solution that serves women with 4D care, from prenatal ultrasounds to pregnancy verification.
  • Urological Solution: Expand your diagnostic capabilities with specialized biplane transducers.
  • Ergonomic design: For a more comfortable and effective user experience.
  • iTouch and Smart Track: Integrated tools that maximize diagnostic accuracy and rapidly optimize vascular images.
  • iScanHelper: An educational tool that offers professionals basic and advanced information about ultrasound.


The DC-40 Ultrasound System is designed for a wide range of clinical applications, including gynecology, obstetrics, cardiology and many more. Its versatility and wealth of features make it indispensable equipment for clinics and hospitals.


  • More accurate diagnoses thanks to its high definition.
  • Diversity of advanced tools and technologies.
  • Intuitive and ergonomic design that guarantees efficiency.
  • Specialized care in specific areas such as women's health.

Country of origin: China


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