Mental health risks

We have been making decisions regarding our mobility for several months that do not seem to follow a logical sequence. I use my example, so as not to make generalizations, although it is clear that we all already know cases like this; While some activities have returned to a new reality, others are not even considered due to the apparent risk they imply. This dilemma, […]

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How does an oxygen concentrator work?

An oxygen concentrator is an electrical device that absorbs air from the environment, separates oxygen from other gases, and delivers oxygen to the patient in high concentrations. Ambient air is absorbed by a small electric compressor through a series of filters. The compressed air passes through two molecular sieve chambers […]

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Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen concentrators extract and compress the oxygen that is in the ambient air and can operate continuously as long as they have a power source, either battery or connected to an electrical current. The oxygen tanks have a certain amount of oxygen and when they are finished they must […]

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