Oxygen Tank 1700 L

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Oxygen Tank 1700 L

The Oxiplus 1700 L Oxygen Tank is a high-capacity oxygen therapy device, perfect for clinical and emergency environments where a prolonged supply of oxygen is required. It offers portability, certified quality and high security, with detachable regulator and accessories for comfortable and efficient use. Sourced from the USA, this aluminum cylinder is a reliable solution for a wide range of medical oxygen needs.

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Oxygen Tank 1700 L

Product description:

This oxygen tank from Oxiplus is a solution for the administration of oxygen therapy in medical environments and for emergency situations. With an expanded capacity of 1700 liters, it is ideal for long-term use or for patients with higher oxygen requirements.

Product characteristics:

  • Integrated Protection: It has protection mechanisms on the regulator and cylinder to ensure safe use.
  • Certified quality: The quality of the oxygen tank is 100% guaranteed and certified.
  • Detachable Regulator: Allows easy assembly and disassembly for your convenience and maintenance.
  • Complete Equipment for Oxygen Therapy: Includes all components necessary to effectively deliver medical oxygen.
  • Practical and Portable: Ergonomic design and aluminum cylinder for easy transport and handling.
  • High security: It comes equipped with safety devices to control and manage the flow of oxygen.
  • Nasal Cannulas and Humidifying Glass: They provide more comfortable and safer oxygen administration for the patient.

Country of origin: USA


The 1700 L oxygen tank is suitable for hospitals, clinics, and home care, especially in cases where a larger amount of oxygen or therapy for longer periods of time is required.


  • Increased Capacity: Ideal for treating patients with extensive oxygen needs.
  • Ease of Use and Maintenance: With its removable regulator, it provides a practical and efficient solution.
  • Portability: Its design allows it to be easy to transport despite its greater capacity.


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