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López-Gatell's conferences on Covid-19 end

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After 15 months, the daily technical report of the Ministry of Health will no longer be given from the National Palace; It is due to the stability of the pandemic, he says

After 15 months of evening conferences at the National Palace, the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, announced that next Friday, June 11, he will preside over the last one, since the communication scheme on the Covid pandemic will change. 19. 

“It is 19:01 p.m. on Wednesday, June 9, here at the National Palace we are going to start the daily Covid-19 conference. We want to inform you that this Friday, June 11, we would have the closure of the night cycle, for the moment, but other spaces remain open; Maybe there will be conferences from the Ministry of Health and on Tuesdays, of course, we continue with the instruction to come to the Pulse of Health,” he said. 

He explained that this decision is made because the epidemic has remained stable and declining for five months; However, he added that the data regarding the coronavirus will continue to be provided, as well as the color of the traffic light in each state.

 “We will be transitioning to a different communication scheme, given that the epidemic event has had a reduction response for five months. In 19 entities there is a green traffic light, almost the rest are yellow, four are orange, in general, stability and substantial progress in the vaccination plan.

“For this reason, we believe that there may be a natural evolution of the press conference. We will also inform you promptly about the traffic light, it is still valid, we do not anticipate it being lost for some weeks and months; We will see how long it will remain valid.” 

The undersecretary highlighted that taking advantage of the stability of the pandemic, the health authorities will report on other issues related to the National Health System; He emphasized that the channels will remain open to the media. 

national overview

On the national scene, Ricardo Cortés Alcalá, director of Health Promotion, reported that Mexico has 229 deaths from Covid-353, 19 more compared to the previous day. In addition, 253 new infections were recorded, for a total of 3. He indicated that the active epidemic is made up of approximately 855 people who contracted the virus in the last 2 days and can still transmit it.


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