Twin Tococardiograph 7″ LCD Touch Screen


Twin Tococardiograph 7″ LCD Touch Screen


The Bionet Twin Tococardiograph with 7″ LCD screen and fetal stimulator offers an advanced solution for accurate and safe monitoring of the heart rate of twins. Perfect for clinics and hospitals looking for quality and precision.

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Twin Tococardiograph 7″ LCD Touch Screen

Product description:

Medical Solutions is proud to present the 7″ LCD Touch Screen Twin Tococardiograph With Fetal Stimulator, an advanced medical tool specially designed by Bionet, a leader in medical innovations. This multifunctional machine is essential for twin heart rate monitoring and comes with the addition of a fetal stimulator, ensuring accurate and safe monitoring.

Product characteristics:

  • Innovative Design: Equipped with an LED alarm lamp in yellow and green colors for quick identification of the status of the patient and the equipment.
  • Long duration battery: It has a rechargeable lithium ion battery with an autonomy of up to 2 hours, ideal for long procedures.
  • Transducers and Connectors: Its robust design guarantees long life and superior functionality.
  • Advanced Screen: 7″ color TFT LCD with a sharp 800x480 resolution and touch functionality for intuitive operation.
  • Versatility: Switch between two display modes (text/graphic) as needed, and use the USB stick to export JPG files directly to EMP.
  • Connectivity: The USB WiFi converter allows easy integration with other devices and systems.
  • Multilingual: With 15 languages ​​available, this cardiograph is ideal for international environments.

Principal functions:

This device is not simply a cardiograph, but a complete monitoring system:

  • External ECG and Pulse Doppler: Precision in monitoring to ensure patient safety.
  • Fetal Movement and Uterine Contraction: Monitors fetal activity and contractions, providing a complete view of the condition of the baby and mother.
  • Transducers: Waterproof and designed to offer better sensitivity and sound quality.
  • Wireless Function: Connects to a monitoring center, supporting up to 16 monitors and computers for centralized monitoring.


  • 2 FC transducers.
  • 1 UC transducer.
  • Event marker and 3 straps for fastening.
  • Recording paper, power cord and a detailed manual to ensure correct operation.

Country of origin: South Korea


| One-touch conversion of CTG data to JPG to transfer to external memory.


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