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Trust Seal – Internet Association 2023

La Association It has a trust seal known as “Trust Seal”. This seal aims to provide guarantees to users of online services and promote trust in the digital environment in Mexico.

The Trust Seal seeks to certify companies that comply with standards and best practices in terms of transparency, privacy, security and quality of online service. Companies that obtain the seal demonstrate their commitment to the protection of personal data, compliance with current regulations and user satisfaction.

To obtain the Trust Seal, companies must undergo an evaluation by the Association, in which aspects such as the privacy notice, security policies, customer service process and quality are verified. from service. Additionally, certified companies must commit to maintaining quality standards and participate in the continuous improvement of their practices.

The Trust Seal aims to provide users with a reliable tool to identify online companies and services that meet high quality and security standards. By displaying the seal on their website or platform, certified companies can convey trust and generate greater credibility among consumers.

Please remember that this information is based on my knowledge as of September 2021, and there may have been updates or changes regarding the Association Trust Seal since then. For the most up-to-date information, I would recommend visiting the association's official website.

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What are the benefits of the trust seal for people?

Benefits for people:

  1. Increased confidence: When users see a trust seal on a web page, they feel safer when interacting with the organization, since they know that measures have been taken to protect their Privacy & Security.
  2. Personal data protection: The trust seal indicates that the organization complies with data protection standards, which provides greater peace of mind when providing personal information on the website.
  3. Safe shopping experience: Users can have greater confidence when making online purchases, since the seal indicates that security measures have been implemented and that the organization meets quality standards in the purchasing process.
  4. Transparency and clarity: The seal can imply that the organization offers clear and transparent information about its policies, terms and conditions, which facilitates informed decision making by users.
  5. Access to reliable services: By identifying a website with the trust seal, users can have greater security when accessing online services, such as payment platforms, electronic banking, shopping, among others.
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