Dual Screen Ultrasound

Dual Screen Ultrasound

Chison's Dual Screen Ultrasound combines the latest technology with advanced features to provide detailed and accurate diagnoses in various medical applications. Made in China, it is an essential tool for health professionals.

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Dual Screen Ultrasound

General description:

The Chison brand Dual Screen Ultrasound is a high-tech medical tool designed to provide accurate and efficient diagnoses. Equipped with advanced features, this device enhances the diagnostic experience, allowing healthcare professionals to obtain clear and detailed images with ease.

Main features:

  • Dual Screen Display: Provides enhanced visualization for accurate interpretation.
  • Friendly Interface: Easy swipe, finger gestures to zoom in and out, and tools for convenient measurement and rotation.
  • FHI Technology: An innovation that adapts transmission and reception according to the size of the patient, surpassing traditional technologies in resolution and penetration.
  • AIO function: Allows you to automatically optimize 2D images and adjust baselines in PW and CW modes with the press of a key.
  • Wide Angle TV Probe: With an extremely wide angle of up to 210°, it makes it easy to obtain more diagnostic information quickly and efficiently.
  • Smart Volume Slice: Specialized in deep diagnoses, such as internal cleft lip, it allows detailed sections in tomographic views.
  • Niche HD: Presents three orthogonal plane images, helping to better understand the internal structure of an object.
  • Quantitative Elastography: Shows the elasticity of tissues in various colors, ideal for diagnosing tumors in different organs. It is available for various probes.
  • Automatic Detection: Whether follicles or breast lesions, this function automatically detects and provides essential information, such as size, for efficient diagnosis.

Applications and Benefits:

Chison's Dual Screen Ultrasound is ideal for medical professionals looking to optimize their diagnosis time and obtain high-precision images. With its multiple features, it ensures a simplified user experience while maintaining accuracy and reliability in results.

Country of origin: China


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