Portable Ultrasound with 2 Mindray Linear and Endocavitary Transducers

Portable Ultrasound with 2 Mindray Linear and Endocavitary Transducers

Mindray Portable Ultrasound with 2 transducers (Linear and Endocavity). Precision and versatility in diagnosis with compact design for ease of transport. Ideal for various clinical applications.

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Portable Ultrasound with 2 Mindray Linear and Endocavitary Transducers

Product description:

The Mindray Portable Ultrasound, with 2 specialized transducers – Linear and Endocavity, redefines precision and versatility in diagnosis. Its innovative design coupled with advanced imaging technology ensures an unparalleled experience in clinical care.

Product characteristics:

  • Superior Design: Its ergonomics allow for easy transport, complemented by a 12.1-inch LED monitor that has a 30-degree tilt. This design makes it easy to view and operate in different environments.
  • Excellence in Image: Thanks to fully digital technology and IP (image processing) function, ultrasound ensures immediate image optimization. The 8-segment time-dependent gain compensation (TGC) is testament to its capacity for meticulous image control.
  • Versatile Applications: Although it comes equipped with Linear and Endocavity transducers, it is compatible with a variety of transducers for applications in obstetrics, gynecology, abdomen, urology, orthopedics, pediatrics, among others.
  • Work Efficiency: Features like 20-second boot-up, customizable keys, and easy image storage to local drive or USB make it an essential tool for the medical professional.


  • Display: 12,1 inch LED monitor
  • Connectivity: 2 USB ports, 1 VGA output port, 1 video output, 1 S-video output
  • Storage: 128-frame CINE loop, 90-image storage
  • Software: Measurement and calculation software packages
  • Extras: Backlit silicon keyboard, carrying handle and multiple status indicators.

Ideal for medical professionals who require an efficient and reliable device, this ultrasound excels in diagnoses in fields such as gynecology and orthopedics, among others.


  • High Quality Image: Advanced technologies ensure detailed and clear images.
  • Mobility: Compact and lightweight design, perfect for clinics and hospitals with varying demands.
  • Personalization and Efficiency: User-friendly keys and quick functions optimize workflow.

Country of origin: China


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