Portable Ultrasound

Portable Ultrasound

Chison's E-Bit 30 Portable Ultrasound is the latest generation in diagnostic imaging. With advanced modes such as 4D, 5D and elastography, it offers detailed and accurate analysis in a practical, easy-to-use design

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Portable Ultrasound

Product description:

The E-Bit 30 Portable Ultrasound from Chison is the latest advance in diagnostic imaging technology. Its versatility and advanced functionalities make it an essential instrument for medical professionals looking for precision and efficiency in a single piece of equipment.

Product characteristics:

  • 4 DOPPLERS WITH TRIPLEX MODE: This function allows the simultaneous activation of three modes: (B) Basic Mode, (C) Color Doppler and (PW) Pulsed Doppler. This facilitates convenient and accurate diagnosis by capturing multiple views and flows in a single operation.
  • RELIABLE DIAGNOSIS IN 4D AND 5D: With E-Bit 30, doctors have the ability to offer ultrasounds in 4D and 5D dimensions. This is achieved with the acquisition of the Volumetric Convex transducer. This ultrasound provides high-quality images, making the diagnosis even more detailed and accurate.
  • ADVANCED ONE-KEY DESIGN: Simplifies the operation process. Every essential function or important menu is activated with a single button. Whether optimizing the image, selecting a transducer, saving images, taking measurements or printing, everything is just a click away.
  • VARIED IMAGE MODES: Offers a wide range of modes, from B, 2B, 4B to B/M, B/BC and many others, ensuring professionals have all the tools necessary to perform complete and accurate diagnoses.
  • FULL DISPLAY MODE: Maximizes viewing by expanding the scan to cover the entire 15” LED screen. This allows doctors to see finer details and improve diagnostic accuracy.
  • ELASTOGRAPHY: An essential tool that allows you to graphically see the relative difference in hardness in suspicious tissues. This is crucial before a biopsy, as it also shows the border delineation and vascularization of the injured tissue.

Country of origin: China.


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