Z6 Ultrasound


Z6 Ultrasound


Mindray Z6 Ultrasound combines advanced technology and superior functionalities to deliver clear and precise ultrasonographic images, essential for detailed and reliable diagnosis. With a compact design and innovative features, it is the perfect tool for healthcare professionals seeking excellence.

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Z6 Ultrasound

Product description:

Mindray Z6 Ultrasound redefines excellence in medical diagnosis through ultrasonographic imaging. Designed with the latest technology and advanced functionalities, this device guarantees clear and precise visualization, becoming an essential tool for a reliable and detailed diagnosis. The combination of sharp images, ease of use and portability make the Z6 Ultrasound the ideal choice for healthcare professionals committed to quality care.

Product characteristics:

  • PSHTM (Phase Reversal Harmonic Imaging): Provides high-quality images by eliminating artifacts and noise, thus improving contrast resolution.
  • iBeamTM: Maximizes contrast resolution through imaging from multiple angles.
  • iClearTM: Automatically detects tissue structures, offering sharper and more reliable images for diagnosis.
  • Multiple Ray Formation: Increase resolution and frame rate for more accurate viewing.
  • iScapeTM: It provides a panoramic view of anatomical structures, with an easily controllable scan.
  • ExFOV: Enlarges the view of the anatomical structure in convex and linear probes, offering more complete diagnostic information.
  • B-SteerTM: Improves visibility during deep biopsies, making it easier to see needles, nerves and blood vessels.
  • iStorageTM: It facilitates the transfer of images and reports directly to the PC, in addition to automatic measurements and report editing.
  • Auto IMT: Provides automatic measurements of arterial wall thickness, crucial for evaluating the status of the carotid artery.
  • iTouchTM and iZoomTM: With a single click, optimize image display in B, PW and full screen modes.


  • Design: Compact and aerodynamic ultrasound weighing 7.7kg.
  • Monitor: 15-inch LCD, tiltable up to 30 degrees, for a better viewing angle.
  • Connectivity: Double port for transducers and backlit keyboard adaptable to different needs.
  • Battery Life: Up to 1.5 hours of uninterrupted use with rechargeable battery.
  • Additional functions: Color Doppler, hard drive and video output for multiple viewing options.

Country of origin: China.


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